Welcome to Plan Rapid City

This site served as the main hub for information about the City's efforts to update the community's Comprehensive Plan. Please learn about and review the updated Comprehensive Plan, adopted in April 2014.

About Rapid City
Known as the Star of the West and the City of Presidents, Rapid City is a thriving community of nearly 70,000 in the heart of the Black Hills. It is a land of wonderment, pristine ponderosa forests, rippling streams, iconic monuments and a rich western history, a place that still greets new residents, businesses and millions of annual visitors with a welcoming smile and a helping hand. More about Rapid City >

Comprehensive Plans
A comprehensive plan is a long-range planning document that provides guidance on where and how the community will grow and evolve over the next 25+ years.  Comprehensive Plans typically consist of maps, policy statements, and goals and objectives addressing issues relating to growth, housing, economic development, transportation, environment, parks and open space, aesthetics, community character, and historic preservation and conservation. Learn more about the Project >